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John Hare

In 1993, John took advantage of a chance offer from a Russian scientific team to research the status of the Wild Camel in Mongolia – the 8th most endangered large mammal in the world. The following year he received permission to enter the former nuclear test site of China where the Wild Camel survives. No foreigner had been allowed to enter this vast salt water desert for 45 years. It is here that the Wild Camel, having survived 43 atmospheric nuclear tests, is also able to tolerate salt water with a higher salt content than sea water.)

In 1997, with Kathryn Rae, John Hare founded the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, The foundation established the 155,000 square kilometre Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve in Xinjiang Province in the former nuclear test site. The WCPF became responsible for helping the Chinese to establish one of the largest nature reserves in the world, protecting not only the Wild Camel but many other IUCN Red Book listed endangered fauna and flora. John Hare is the sole international consultant for the Reserve. 


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Adiya is the scientific consultant who manages all WCPF’s projects in Mongolia and is the Director of WCPF Mongolia. He has known and worked with John Hare for 16 years, and was the first Mongolian scientist to accompany John on a Wild Camel expedition to China mounted on domestic camels. He is not only a scientist and a leading authority on the Wild Camel, he is a tough and resilient individual who once walked over 100 miles out of the Gobi, surviving by drinking his own urine. An animal tracker and a true man of the bush, he combines these tough outdoor qualities with singular scholarship.


- Author, long-rider, conservationist

Belinda Braithwaite

With mountaineers and intrepid explorers on both the Norwegian and Scottish sides of her family, exploration is in Belinda's genes. A great friend of John Hare, she has been riding horses since almost before she could walk. She explored South Africa before embarking on a 1700 mile solo ride from Gibraltar to Paris and then a further four-month trek by horse from Calgary to San Francisco. An accomplished free diver, Belinda has spent the last decade filming marine conservation issues in the Pacific Ocean and humanitarian projects world-wide.

 - Chief Herdsman for WCPF



Nicknamed 'The General', because of his ability to command in tight situations, Tsog has managed the WCPF breeding centre for 16 years and is an invaluable member of the WCPF staff.  He lost an eye last year when he fell off his horse and hit a rock. Mongolians are tough and he made light of it. WCPF paid for his hospital treatment and his glass eye which he takes out and tells people he is watching them even though he is going away from them. Invaluable and indispensable with a huge knowledge of camels - wild or domestic.

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